We are the venture capital arm of Suzano: we empower bioeconomy visionaries worldwide.

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We foster transformation to bioeconomy, stimulating the development of deeptech solutions , based on planted forests.

We provide capital, experience, technology and access to global markets and research centers. Everything to empower entrepreneurs who, just like us, with an attitude to transform and creative talent, believe in the capacity of renewing life inspired by trees.

Suzano Ventures - Transformação para a bioeconomia

We seed innovability

It’s not innovation on one side and sustainability on the other: it’s innovability, all together!

We want to strengthen the community of innovators who have the courage to build a renewable future. Always developing solutions which join technology with sustainability.

We operate in an agile and strategic way, therefore, giving support to several startups worldwide, from Brazil and Latin America to Israel, Europe and North America and China.

Investment Verticals

Eucalyptus biomass

The future is in the trees. In replacing fossil-based raw materials with renewable and low-carbon solutions.

We encourage the search for new technologies and products from eucalyptus biomass.

  • Biocomposites
  • Biofuels
  • Lignin
  • Nanomaterials

Sustainable packaging

Paper is the material of future packaging. Renewable, recyclable, biodegradable and of low carbon.

We invest in the development of new technologies and business models which expand the use of sustainable fiber based packaging.

  • Paper and/or Cellulose based packaging, including molded pulp
  • Additivation of cellulose to enhance properties for packaging application
  • Barrier Technologies
  • Circularity Solutions
  • Promotion of new business models and distribution


We want to accelerate the digitalization of operations in our forests.

We are looking for agtechs that accelerate productivity in agroforestry with a focus on efficiency and cost reduction, for sustainable management in planting and conservation areas.

  • Genome informatics
  • Genome editing technologies
  • Optimization of agroforestry supplies consumption
  • Digital management of forests
  • Development of autonomous and energy efficiency equipments

Carbon removal

The world asks for urgent and efficient changes.

We seek technologies to amplify the removal and management of carbon throughout our production chain and which contribute to a regenerative future.

  • CO2 removal technologies
  • CO2 measurement and calculation
  • Applications and uses of CO2
  • Solutions for CO2 credit compensation

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Eucalyptus biomass

Sustainable packaging


Carbon removal

us$ 70 million

of investments in different stages:



Series A

Why connecting with Suzano Ventures

Presence in global markets and their supply chains.

Access to research, laboratories and specialists connected to the main innovation ecosystems of the world (Brazil, Canada, Israel and China).

Access to our forests, factories and infrastructure, to test and validate products and services.

Connection with potential co-investors, partners and clients.

Visibility, with presence in the main forums of the sector, and leadership in the markets in which we operate.

Experience and established knowledge in the sector.

Seeding the Future

Join our global ecosystem of innovability